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Cutting-Edge Fitness Hardware

Fit! boasts a world-class engineering team with a passion for everything health and fitness. It's our goal to modernize home fitness equipment, bringing convenience and diversity to your training.

The Fit! Home Gym is a versatile and compact, full-body gym. It can be assembled in 60 seconds without the use of any tools. Train pull-ups, dips, and a variety of other exercises using the resistance band attachments.

The Fit! P-Bars were meant to go where you go. Perfect for training handstands, L-sits, pushups, + more! They were built to fit inside a gym bag or suitcase. Weighing only 5 lbs., the legs detach and fit within the main handle.

The Fit! X-Board is a modular doorway hangboard with a pullup bar. The innovative design allows for a sturdy training session while leaving no damage to your door or walls. It takes 30 seconds to setup and requires zero tools!

Home Gym




Plyo Box

The Fit! Plyo Box is the world's first compact and fully adjustable box jump made to save space while offering a range of heights to fit your training needs. Now available in multiple sizes!


Ankle Weights

Fit! Ankle Weights are a comfortable and fashionable way to add an extra level of resistance to your workout. They can be worn on your wrists or ankles to help sculpt your arms and train your core any time and anywhere.


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